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About Us

G’day everyone!

This is quite strange. I am in this enormous and wonderful world filled with yarn lovers and yet, I’m also talking to myself! Well here I go - the day of opening the doors is almost here! Dingo Dyeworks will open its virtual doors on November 1, 2015.

The lead up to this day has been a never ending love for yarn and craft. No matter how busy life would get, there was always a little bit of time to spend creating something lovely. I started dyeing as a way of indulging in time alone; getting into the flow and watching new colours come out of the dyepot. I started with over-dyeing of yarns in my stash and soon started looking around for anything pale to add more colour to. I have always enjoyed living with colour.

I also love the quirky, the unusual, a homegrown style and have a strong aversion to 'standard'. I look for ways to sway current fashion from the norm. A hand knit shawl or some fingerless mitts give me enormous pleasure. I get a tremendous satisfaction from bright, beautiful and happy things. I go out of my way to see the beauty in our world - always staring at bushland and gardens for new colours. 

Since arriving in Perth, I have been stunned by the beauty of Western Australia's nature. Australia has fabulous extremes in its nature and this is particularly so in our state. Blooms are brilliant in colour, the skyline is bright and the soils are intense. Even the fish have beautiful rainbow hues. The light here is phenomenal, exposing all colours with vibrance. 

I love intense focus on the little things in life. French people are very good at this. When spending some time there with my husband and children some years ago, I learnt to look at such details myself. I love that they gently squeeze the cheese before it's purchased. I love their never failing critical eye of food and also wine. Through various experiences and beautiful friendships, I have learnt to have a critical eye of yarn and colour. That's what I love and that is what, in my mind, makes each person authentic - to be their own self, with their own unique style and their own way of analysing what it is they desire in the details of their choices.

We’ll kick off on Sunday with 3 gorgeous yarns. It has taken much time squishing, dyeing, smelling, squeezing and caressing of these three yarns by myself and a talented and dear group of knitting friends, to make them the top of everything we have seen to choose from.

They each have the main ingredient of Australian Ultrafine and Extrafine Merino - the softest of all the woolens. We are proud of each one for its own properties.

  • Fair Dinkum is a 4ply fingering 100% NewMerino®, sourced from small flocks on sustainable farms, using a non-mulesing method to control parasites. This yarn is not treated chemically and so is not superwash. It is deliciously soft and with its very long staples, it will stand up to excellent wear. 
  • Next up we found Ridgy-Didge. This is a Merino/Nylon blend 85% Merino superwash in 4ply fingering weight. Searching high and low for an Australian sourced fibre yarn able to withstand some hard yakka, yet luxurious enough for any heirloom piece. Knit grandad's socks or the new arrival’s baby blanket - this is the yarn that has ‘can-do’ as its motto.

  • Finally, we have Little Ripper - a deliciously soft and drapey lace weight yarn. Again, we have Australian Merino as its main component - 75% and blended with 25% luxurious silk to give drape and a smooth, lustrous finish.

We look forward to meeting all of you Yarn Lovers. Shop Updates will happen every Thursday afternoon at 4pm for Western Australia; 6pm Queensland; 7pm other Eastern states during summer; 7am Thursday in Amsterdam and Paris; 6am Thursday in London; and Wednesday evening in the USA. 

Please visit often :-) and chat any time in our Ravelry group. I sleep from about 10pm until 6am Perth time, but otherwise, I’m here! The website opens November 1.