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Video Blog Puppy Podcast Shop Update Feb 23 Preview

Welcome to the Puppy Podcast.
We discuss some colour theory today, particularly on the subject of Value in our colour selections. Thank you for joining me! Let's go :-)

Mentions today are;
Andi of AndreSueKnits and her world of colour, particularly Andi's Conversations with Sue from part 1 onwards.
We talk of choosing colour combinations with a variation of value.

The Layout app for iOS or something similar for Android - to create a collage of colours and to desaturate the picture to assess their relative value.

The Yarns on show this week are;
Barramundi Gorge
Sea Spray

Patterns mentioned and loved today;
Goldfish Memory by Casapinka 
Heartstrings Shawl by Dominique Trad 

YARN only KITS are available this week for these gorgeous patterns;

Clairview, Blue Gum & Sea Spray
Hammersley, Coast Daisy Bush & Barramundi Gorge
Ghan, Kings Park & Everlasting

Also of interest is Find Your Fade Shawl by Andrea Mowry 

Hooroo! x

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