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Dingo Dyeworks SHOP UPDATE 3 November 2016 Sneak Pre View

Welcome to the weekly Puppy Podcasts by Dingo Dyeworks - a mini podcast just for giving you a sneak pre-view at what has come out of the dye pot and what will be in the shop this week!
The Puppy Podcast is published exactly 48 hours before the Shop Update time, which is always at 4pm on Thursdays, local time in Perth, Western Australia.
Join me in the garden at home and let's treat ourselves with some colour in yarns and opals :-)

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  • Jane on

    Such great yarns!!! the colours are amazing and want them all :))

  • EMilia on

    I’m watching your podcast now , and I just have to say ,you are a master or color ! I just love watching you show off all the color combinations and matching them up ! It makes me smile ! Thanks you :)

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