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Episode 8 - Talking yarn colours and patterns, inspired by the bright red gum flowers of the Corymbia Ficifolia, now blooming

Episode 8 of the Dingo Dyeworks Video Blog is now live!

A knitter and dyer i am, a video editor - not so much! Keeping it simple, my set-up consists of my smart phone and Windows Live Movie Maker. The latter had given me warning signs that our relationship wouldn’t be forever, as video clips were being corrupted and 99% edits were lost. I finally bit the bullet, did some reading of reviews and watching of non-knitting YouTube videos (there’s another world out there!) and purchased myself some fancy video editing software. Not too fancy, because I wouldn’t know how to turn it on, if it was.

I was so pleased to have invested in software that only took me a day to get my brain around and another day to edit my video, after which I was gleefully informed by my fandangle software that the 1 hr video would be live on YouTube in 1920 minutes. A quick bit of mental maths (grade 4 came in handy) and I figured that would be the middle of the week somehwere, by that time the season has almost changed! My colours would need to be winter colours and the news would be old hat. After sharing the bad news with my family, droopy face and all, we decided there must be a super low definition, windows98 quality video settings available to load up in quicker time. And there was. And it’s live :-) Thank you for joining me on a very low resolution video. Oh my….

In Episode 8, we mention the following in roughly this order;

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