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Episode 3 - from the Port and a cafe, Fremantle

Finally, we are live with Episode 3. Thank you for your patience everyone. Just as I thought I had the whole video blog thingy worked out, it seems windy conditions do not work well with recording my voice. Perth often does have lovely breezes, so this can be a bit bothersome. Never mind, we have a loooooong video blog coming from Fremantle, or Freo as we like to call it. I made sure to stay right away from breezes.

In the video we mention the following patterns;
Cranford mitts
Cranford Mitts pattern by Jane Lithgow
Pride and Prejudice Mittens
Pride and Prejudice Mittens pattern by Christelle Nihoul
Alfredo Gloves
Alfredo Gloves pattern by Suzanne Stallard
Colorblock Handwarmers
Colorblock Handwarmers pattern by Purl Soho
Accelerating Stripes Fingerless Gloves & Cowl
Accelerating Stripes Fingerless Gloves & Cowl pattern by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
Maryfield pattern by Clare Devine
Vanilla Latte Socks
Vanilla Latte Socks pattern by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock
Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock pattern by Jasmin Canty
Scraptastic Hat
Scraptastic Hat pattern by Jane Tanner
Sockhead Hat
Sockhead Hat pattern by Kelly McClure
Simple Beret
Simple Beret pattern by Hannah Fettig
Gris de Lin
Gris de lin pattern by Cailliau Berangere
Father Time Cowl
Father Time Cowl pattern by Steven Fegert
loggia pattern by Åsa Tricosa
Contravene pattern by Lynn Di Cristina

On and Off the Needles;
Tubularity pattern by Martina Behm
Sun Kissed
Sun kissed pattern by Veronika Jobe
Crag pattern by Jared Flood

What are you reading?
One Life by Kate Grenville

Where did we hang out?
At the Fremantle Harbour, next to the WA Maritime Museum. We also ate lunch at Moore & Moore cafe, Fremantle.

Please let me know if there is a link that I have missed out, listing here.
Hooroo :-)

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