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Dingo Dyeworks SHOP UPDATE 16 March, 2017 Sneak Pre View

Welcome to a BUMPER Episode of the Dingo Dyeworks Puppy Podcast. On today’s preview of Thursday’s Shop Update, we have DOUBLE the colour! We have 8 NEW skeins of speckles in brights and muted colourways. I was so excited when these came out of the dye pots, that instead of releasing some today and some down the track, I just couldn’t wait to share them with you and so here they are. The colours in order of presentation are; Bilpin – peaches Cobar – reds Roxby Downs – greys/greens/reds/mauve/brown/orange/yellow Ocean Shores – purple/teal/pink Honeymoon Bay (aka Barbie ;-)) – bright...

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Dingo Dyeworks SHOP UPDATE 2 March, 2017 Sneak Pre View

Welcome to the Puppy Podcast. Thank you for joining me! Today, there is much chatter about colours, matching up with some patterns and a new release!The Yarns on show this week are;• MERIMBULA• COPLEY• TICKERAPatterns mentioned and loved today;• Sonnensegel by Ulrike Altrogge Little Ripper Lace will be 10% off all the colours this week, for anyone wishing to cast on Sonnensegel • Sun Kissed by Veronika Jobe • Tank Stream by Meg Gadsbey – to be released on Ravelry, March 2 - Yarn Only kits will be on sale this week for Tankstream in the new Joey colourway • Sand Layers by Lisa...

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Video Blog Puppy Podcast Shop Update Feb 23 Preview

Welcome to the Puppy Podcast.We discuss some colour theory today, particularly on the subject of Value in our colour selections. Thank you for joining me! Let's go :-)Mentions today are;Andi of AndreSueKnits and her world of colour, particularly Andi's Conversations with Sue from part 1 onwards.We talk of choosing colour combinations with a variation of value.The Layout app for iOS or something similar for Android - to create a collage of colours and to desaturate the picture to assess their relative value.The Yarns on show this week are;HammersleyGhanBarramundi GorgeClairviewSea SprayPatterns mentioned and loved today;Goldfish Memory by Casapinka Heartstrings Shawl by Dominique Trad YARN only...

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Video Blog Puppy Podcast Shop Update Feb 16 YARN CLUBS

Join me for a very quick Puppy Podcast today - all about our new and upcoming Yarn Clubs!We have 4 Clubs launching on Thursday February 16th, when we will be taking pre-orders and these will ship March 6, April 3 and May 1. Three month Yarn clubs and a choice of 4 Clubs - each with its own Yarn Base.For all the info and a place to ask questions, please join in on the Yarn Club thread in the Dingo Dyeworks Ravelry group. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/dingo-...I look forward to seeing you there!

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Video Blog Puppy Podcast Shop Update Feb 9 Preview

Against all odds, we are now LIVE! With the Shop Update at 4pm today, this video shows what is coming up in today’s update as well as all the plans for 2017. Apologies for delays and quality. The file was just too large to be workable. From now on - shorter Eps!

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